Saturday, December 30, 2017

How do we really feel & what do we really believe about ourselves?


How we feel about ourselves usually determines who we want to become in life.

- Who do we believe we are right now?

- Who do we believe we can become in the future?


Sunday, September 10, 2017


#DEE1KNOWLEDGE ... Visit to learn more about our upcoming tour and partnership! And hashtag #Dee1Knowledge when sharing these videos

Friday, September 1, 2017


This is a wonderful opportunity for 20 students to receive a full ride scholarship (with spending money) to HBCU North Carolina Central University and North Carolina Agricultural and Technology State University.

**Note that the application deadline is November 1st and is merit-based.

Please share with any student you think might be a good candidate. - Acknowledging Ancestor **George Henry White**

CFNC Pathways | UNC General Administration

For information on how to plan, apply, and pay for college, visit

***Cheatham-White Scholarship program established at NCCU and NC A&T***

CHAPEL HILL – Students will soon be able to apply for the Cheatham-White Scholarship, a newly established merit-based scholarship program for incoming freshmen attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University or North Carolina Central University beginning in the fall of 2018.

The program will provide an outstanding educational experience for students who are exceptional scholars, versatile and well-rounded individuals. Cheatham-White Scholars will represent students with a broad range of interests, proficient in areas of both the arts and sciences, demonstrate leadership potential and a strong commitment to service. The state budget recently approved by the General Assembly provides funding for up to 20 Cheatham-White scholarships at each university.

The scholarships are named in honor of Henry Cheatham and George White, African Americans who represented North Carolina in Congress around the turn of the 20th century. Cheatham, an educator who founded an orphanage for black children, won election in 1890 and 1892. White, an attorney who studied at Howard University, won the same 2nd District seat in 1896 and 1898.

“The Cheatham-White Scholarship program recognizes future leaders with a strong commitment to public service by providing an opportunity to receive a top-notch education,” said UNC system president Margaret Spellings. “These scholarships also honor the legacy of great public servants like Henry Cheatham and George Henry White.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


S/O to Mr. Reed & Dr. Taylor for producing and operating another impactful SOUTH FULTON ARROW YOUTH COUNCIL "SUMMER INSTITUTE ... I AM THE MAKER" @ Langston Hughes High School in Fairburn, GA!

Middle School & High School aged young people come together for two-weeks to learn, develop & improve!!!

Thank you for inviting us again to add value to your outstanding program!!!

The Student-Athlete Achievement Program ... The Student-Athlete Playbook ... and Youth Development Training Program Teams are always ready to work with our youth!!!

S/O to Ms. Toya White (Academic Compliance Specialist); Coach Bryan Spencer (Head Men's Basketball at Carver College); Tierica Berry (A Woman's Standard); Keith Brown (Mr. I'm Possible) & Dr. Evelyn Bethune (Bethune Publishing House & granddaughter of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune) for pouring into our youth!!!

For more information about SFAYC, visit


 Mr. Barry Brown & Mr. John Reed @ the 2017 South Fulton Arrow Youth Council Summer Institute (I AM THE MAKER) at Langston Hughes High School in Fairburn, GA!

 Mr. Barry Brown & Mr. Keith Brown (Mr. I Am Possible) @ the 2017 South Fulton Arrow Youth Council Summer Institute (I AM THE MAKER) at Langston Hughes High School in Fairburn, GA!

 2017 South Fulton Arrow Youth Council Summer Institute (I AM THE MAKER) Group Picture after Mr. Barry Brown's presentation ... "What Are The Keys to Success in School & in Life?"

 Mr. Barry Brown ... #1 Youth Character Education Specialist @ the 2017 South Fulton Arrow Youth Council Summer Institute (I AM THE MAKER) at Langston Hughes High School in Fairburn, GA!

 Mr. Barry Brown, Dr. Taylor & Mr. John Reed @ the 2017 South Fulton Arrow Youth Council Summer Institute (I AM THE MAKER) at Langston Hughes High School in Fairburn, GA!

 Dr. Taylor (SFAFC) & Coach Bryan Spencer (Head Men's Basketball Coach at Carver College; Atlanta, GA)

 Coach Bryan Spencer & two (2) young men he poured into during his session at the 2017 SFAYC Summer Institute!

 Dr. Evelyn Bethune (Bethune Publishing House & granddaughter of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune) sharing an awesome message with the youth of the 2017 South Fulton Arrow Youth Council Summer Institute (I AM THE MAKER) at Langston Hughes High School in Fairburn, GA!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


STEPPING STONES' YOUTH DEVELOPMENT TRAINING PROGRAM (YDTP) is a high relevancy Social, Emotional, College and Career Readiness educational program that empowers at-risk youth and traditionally under-served populations.

We use the curriculum from "The Make-A-Way" Education Program (Hustle University) that consists of five (5) components that focus on helping school staff members and students establish a new culture/climate of relevancy, rapport, resiliency, and resolution to allow for the learning and the education process to flourish!


RELEVANCY - Bored of Education

RESILIENCY - Keep It Moving

LEADERSHIP - 10 Things Every Leader Must Know 

TRANSITION - Everything You Need to Know Before You Graduate

STUDENT-ATHLETES - The Student-Athlete Playbook (Success in the Classroom, Sports & Life!)

*At this time, sessions (1 hour) are limited to Males ages 13 to 18 ...

*Sessions are every other Saturday ...

*Insurances Accepted:  Amerigroup, Wellcare, Cigna, Trcare, Humana ...

*Facilitated by Mr. Barry Brown & Dr. Willie E. Jones

*Call to sign your son up!  678.545.6745 Office or 678.883.2734 Business Line

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

College Degrees in Europe for FREE!!!

Comments by Barry Brown - Make A Way & The Student-Athlete Playbook

Parents, I am sharing the article below with you because I believe that we should look at as many options as possible to set our kids up for SUCCESS! The article below discusses attending college abroad because it may be a less expensive option, plus an opportunity for tremendous personal growth for our young adults.

Americans are moving to Europe for free college degrees

Chelsea Workman went to Ohio State University because it was her cheapest option. But she still had to take out student loans and work to make ends meet.

By the middle of her sophomore year, she'd had enough. She dropped out and moved to Germany to finish her degree where college is free.
Hunter Newsome, from California, decided to go to college in Estonia rather than the University of California, Davis -- at the very last minute. He's saving more than $10,000 a year on tuition, and he'll earn a bachelor's degree in three years rather than four.
There are at least 44 schools across Europe where Americans can earn their bachelor's degree for free, according to Jennifer Viemont, the founder of an advising service called Beyond The States.
All public colleges in Germany, Iceland, Norway and Finland are free for residents and international students. And some private schools in the European Union don't charge for tuition either. Many are going out of their way to attract foreigners by offering programs taught entirely in English.
free college abroad
Hannah Remo, Hunter Newsome and Chelsea Workman all moved to Europe to get their college degrees.
When they do charge for tuition, the bill is paltry compared to the U.S. The average cost of tuition here (without room and board) is currently $9,410 at public colleges and $32,405 at private colleges, while a majority of programs in Europe charge less than $2,225 a year, according to Viemont. Some of the highest tuition for international students is in the Netherlands, but it still tends to be less than $9,000.
Of course, a lot of American students don't pay full price for tuition. For those getting a big scholarship at home, moving to Europe might not be that great a deal. Those at public schools end up paying less than an average of $4,000 when you account for scholarships and grants. Still, that doesn't beat free.
"The cost is what makes people think about going to college abroad, but then they start to see the other benefits like learning a new language, travel opportunities, and being prepared to work in a global economy," Viemont said.
It's not for everyone, though. You won't find frat parties, sorority houses, or football games overseas.
And it might not be the right fit for someone with their heart set on immediately returning home after graduating. There aren't very good stats on how many Americans are getting degrees abroad (there were 47,000 in 2012 compared to 20 million in the U.S.), let alone how employable they are back home. The unique experience might be to your advantage, but it could be hard to find fellow alumni to help with a job hunt in the States.
Overseas, you'll probably have to find your own housing. On average, room and board costs about $10,000 at American colleges, but the students CNNMoney spoke to for this story pay much less in rent in Europe.
They don't have dining halls to go to for meals, though. And they also have to apply for a residency permit or visa, and -- depending on the country -- may have to pay for health insurance.
But these things don't bother these three Americans who are currently getting their college degrees abroad.
chelsea workman germany
Chelsea Workman 
Studying: International Management in a 3.5- to 4- year bachelor's program. 
Is it really free? She paid about $220 a semester for tuition when she first arrived, but Germany has since made tuition free at all public colleges. Now she pays a $58 administrative fee each semester, about $90 a month for health insurance. Her rent is about $330 a month. 
Biggest challenge: "You need to be prepared to study 10 hours a day, and there's probably not time for a job in addition to your studies. I take seven or eight classes a semester." 
Future plans: "I don't really have any plans to go back to America. I don't really want to. My sister moved to Germany before me, my brother is here studying now and my dad is on the way over." 
What she misses: "Diverse culture and food. Every restaurant here has the same food on the menu."
hunter newsome estonia
Hunter Newsome 
Studying: International Relations in a 3-year bachelor's program. 
Why he moved: "It was my Dad's idea and I thought, why the hell not? My Mom was skeptical at first but she started researching and found out it was going to be a lot cheaper." 
Forget spending on text books: "Last semester I only had to have a single book and I checked it out of the school library. For some professors, a lot or all of the material is online, and for others you have to be in class to receive the knowledge." 
On finding housing: "It could be difficult around this school, but in my case my parents helped me with that. I pay 230 euros ($256 USD) a month and have a balcony with a nice view of the forest. It's really a beautiful city."
hannah remo netherlands
Hannah Remo 
Studying: European studies (EU politics) in a 4-year bachelor's program. 
Who she had to persuade: "I had to sell my Dad on it. I told him if I stayed in the U.S. I'd want to go to Colorado or California, which is more or less the same plane flight from New Jersey to Europe." 
On the application: "It was relatively painless. I had to submit my high school transcript, a recommendation, and an essay. SATs don't exist here and it's the most beautiful thing." 
Future plans: "I 100% have my heart set on staying in Europe. I disagree with the way a lot of things are run at home. It blows my mind that college is so expensive in the U.S., it makes me think that I don't want to raise a family there." 
Favorite thing about her new home: "Whether you're the child of a doctor, lawyer or garbage man, you'll have the same opportunity and the same education here."

Thursday, May 7, 2015


*Our future is still bright with young people like Christiana working towards greatness!
Let's love, raise, train, teach, expect & discipline our children into awesome overall people & very productive adults!!!
I salute you Christiana Oshotse and your parents!!!
One Love!!!

*From my friend Chantrise Holliman --- High School Educator in Metro Atlanta, GA

This is my former student Christiana Oshotse.Tonight she was recognized for being Valedictorian, AP Scholar with Distinction, a meme "We of The Top 25", and a Gates Millennium Scholar. When she was a freshman, her mom was worried that she wasn't ready for high school. I told her that she would be fine and that God has her. Indeed he did, and still does! And did I mention she's only 16?

Chantrise Holliman's photo.

Hip-Hop Youth, Education and Parenting!