Friday, December 3, 2010

Let the Minister's Speak!

B. Brown's Opinion:

With our country facing tremendous unemployment and issues that affect us all, our churches play a pivotal position in how we move forward. However, our churches have internal issues that need to be addressed and solutions actively put into effect.

Here are the major questions that Jet Magazine is asking ...

1. Are Pastors too powerful? Pastors have a responsibility to lead their congregations and to give the best Spiritual advice and leadership possible to help their church members develop a personal relationship with God. A Pastoral position is usually given unconditional trust that is not necessarily earned and that's where the temptation comes in for a Pastor to take advantage of certain situations that leads to possibly abusing the power they have in their respective churches and community.

As parents, we must teach our children how to come to us when they are confronted with uncomfortable situations no matter who the person is that is making them feel uncomfortable.

2. Have crises with leaders hurt the church's credibility? The crises with leaders of some of the mega churches has definitely hurt the credibility of the church! You may hear a lot of people say that they do not attend church anymore because of what some of these Pastors have done.

A lot of young people that have never been exposed to church will look at these situations and never want to even try the church experience. This is tremendously bad because we need as many of our young people to believe in God and love themselves so that these tragic incidents of self-hate STOP! Our churches along with us as parents our responsible for introducing our children to God and his love for us as well as our love for Him and that He dwells inside each of us if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior.

3. What's the No. 1 Spiritual Imperative of our generation? By far it has to be connecting our youth to God! We are at a crossroads with our lost generation because they don't know who they are and they have know idea how great they are and how much God loves them. We need to fill these young people with parental love and teach them how to accept God into their lives. When we successfully do this, we will see a new outlook from these young people and a positive gleam in their eyes! We must recharge our youth with the Spirit of the Lord!

*From Jet Magazine (Nov. 15, 2010; pg. 32)

The Black church is one of the most influential institutions in the community. When its leaders face trouble, their followers - and observers - ask questions. In the wake of the Bishop Eddie Long story, JET Magazine asked some of the country's top religious leaders about the power of pastors, how the Black church handles controversy and what challenges our society must address. The responses are diverse and illuminating, and we invite you to examine their messages.

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