Monday, July 15, 2013

TRAYVON MARTIN - The Florida (National?) Judicial System Dropped the ball!

Thoughts By: B. Brown (BREG)

I literally had to let a couple of days go by before I responded in writing (via Social Media) to the verdict in the State of Florida vs. Zimmerman trial. I was saddened and disappointed, but I was not surprised when the "NOT GUILTY" verdict was announced. The bottom line to me is that the Prosecution (The State of Florida) did an absolutely terrible job in attempting to convict Zimmerman on Second Degree Murder and/or Manslaughter. As I watched a couple of video excerpts from the trial, I kept saying to myself, they (the Prosecution Team) are not even convincing me that Zimmerman didn't act in self-defense, and that's when I had to start preparing myself for a "Not Guilty" verdict.

No, I'm not an attorney and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night (Comic Relief). But I do have several close friends that are attorney's, and I am a LegalShield Representative. From my perspective, I believe that the prosecution left so many angles open for debate and did not focus on the main facts during the trial which to me are Zimmerman's lengthy history of calling 911 for suspicious people and activity in his community, making the comment "They are not going to get away with it this time ...," blatantly disregarding the 911 operator's request to stop following Trayvon, actually getting out of his vehicle to confront Trayvon, argue, fight and kill an unarmed 17 year old. That evidence seems to be enough to convict a person of at least manslaughter, but with a very suspect Prosecution Team, coupled with a six-person (five white & one of color) jury that obviously thought it was ok for Zimmerman to kill Trayvon; a terrible precedence has been established in the State of Florida.

Prayerfully, there are other states that have different laws that would not allow a person to get off freely after killing another person in the manner that Zimmerman did. Under no circumstances can we allow people to believe it is open-season on our young men of color here in the United States.

Yes, we have to raise and teach our young men of color how to act and conduct themselves in different situations. You see, we must understand that young men of color are the most commonly profiled people on this planet, specifically here in the United States. So learning to think clearly, with positive long-term & short-term goals will allow our young men of color to "KEEP IT MOVING" no matter what challenges & obstacles they face. We are all products of our environments, but we have to continue to strive for greatness no matter what; and it starts with us as Parents and Adults doing our very best to instill certain qualities into our children.

We have to vote for the right people to get into office and vote on the right laws & amendments that are put on the table for citizens to vote on. When we do the research and pay attention to what is going on around us, we have a much better chance of making informative decisions that will help our communities rather than destroy them.

I have Prayed for Zimmerman and released it to God, because Zimmerman has a tough road ahead of him for sure, and I am definitely Praying for the entire Martin Family because they are experiencing tremendous pain right now.

One Love!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Major Love goes out to Bria Sanders of Memphis, TN!!! Not only is she one of the top junior golfers in the country, but she is already giving back to younger golfers coming up behind her.

She attends Hank Haney's International Junior Golf Academy, and is preparing to make her college choice.

Continue to lead by example Bria, and build up your fortitude and skills that will allow you to work through and overcome daily challenges.

Uncle Barry believes in you!

*Take a look at what Bria Sanders is doing ........

Bria Sanders, nationally ranked in top 25 IJGT lady junior golfers, will be the guest instructor of basic and winning golf strategies and skills at the KidsNGolf first summer golf clinic Saturday, July 13, 2013,  10am. El Dorado Lions Club Golf Course.

The Golf Clinic is presented at no charge for kids or adults.  Bring your own clubs or use ours.  
Bria Sanders with Hank Haney
Junior Golfer Bria Sanders

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