Monday, November 21, 2011

The Right Attitude For Our Youth!!!

By: B. Brown - Bar-Red Entertainment Group (BREG)

I waited to write this blog because I wanted to cool-off and write an objective piece instead of just blasting "ASTRO" of the live tv reality performance show "X-Factor." He was almost sent home last week simply because of his attitude. L.A. Reid (Legendary Music Business Executive) and Simon Cowell (One of the Top Talent Scouts In the World) both made comments in regards to his attitude after Astro ended up in the bottom two (2) of the voting.

You see, I have a problem with young people that are disrespectful and appear to be unthankful for the opportunities or help that they receive. It is truly a situation that has to be addressed with our young people.

Until last week, Astro had not really experienced any adversity on the show because he has really been performing well! But as in life, just because you are talented and your performances have been going well, and everyone is telling you how great you are; things can change in a hurry. When there is public opinion voting taking place, there is always a chance that the most talented person does not win because other contestants may have better voting support teams and that will make all the difference in the world at the end of the day. Astro and a lot of our young people most overstand that life isn't going to always go their way, even if they are the most gifted and talented person.

I have seen it 100 times. A young person doesn't receive the response or news that they want or expect, so they now believe the world is against them and they are mad! So now they want to act tough and say "F" the world because they don't care. This is the worse way for young people to conduct themselves because now no one wants to work with them or help them any more. Their mentors, coaches and teachers start looking at them differently and that's a major problem!

As you saw with Astro, most of these young people are going to eventually breakdown (start crying) because they are actually hurt. They are embarrased and they feel terrible about what has just happened to them, and all they know how to do is to act like they do not care. That's a dangerous reaction to a situation that is going to continue to happen to each of us for the rest of our lives. The reality is that we are never going to get 100% of what we want all the time. That's the truth! We as parents and adults must teach our children about adversity and teach them how to act when adversity comes, because it is definitely coming! We cannot afford to allow our young people to believe that everything is going to go their way everytime. If we do that, we are setting them up for tremendous collaspes that they may or may not recover from in the future.

I Pray that Astro bounces back this week with a humble, thankful and positive attitude!

One Love!

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