Thursday, May 7, 2015


*Our future is still bright with young people like Christiana working towards greatness!
Let's love, raise, train, teach, expect & discipline our children into awesome overall people & very productive adults!!!
I salute you Christiana Oshotse and your parents!!!
One Love!!!

*From my friend Chantrise Holliman --- High School Educator in Metro Atlanta, GA

This is my former student Christiana Oshotse.Tonight she was recognized for being Valedictorian, AP Scholar with Distinction, a meme "We of The Top 25", and a Gates Millennium Scholar. When she was a freshman, her mom was worried that she wasn't ready for high school. I told her that she would be fine and that God has her. Indeed he did, and still does! And did I mention she's only 16?

Chantrise Holliman's photo.

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