Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Parent Coordinator in Schools

Thoughts by: B. Brown

I have been a long-time supporter of the Parent Coordinator/Liaison position. It is a very important position that is taken lightly in most school systems from my perspective. Here in the Metro Atlanta, GA area, I've just gotten word that one school system is about to do away with their Parent Liaison position. It is a shame!

If utilized properly, this position could be the ultimate connection to getting parents back involved in schools and education which usually leads to outstanding student achievement!

In my eight (8) years of being in education, I always shared my opinion that if we really wanted to improve our schools, then the money and our efforts would have to go into helping the parents. If the parent receives help, the children usually automatically receive help. There is a positive chain reaction that starts and it is beautiful. Here's the chain --- Involved Parent - Child/Student with expectations (discipline/achievement) - Outstanding Schools (behavior wise/achievement wise).

When parents send their children to school to learn and to achieve, it is a different environment at school. I believe that loving, teaching and disciplining our children leads to expectations of greatness!!! Our parents and schools must get back to these basic fundamentals so that we do not continue to see the decay of our public schools in America.

Let's not be afraid to do what we need to do because of a dollar, political reasons or whatever! Let's help our young people achieve greatness!!!

The Parent Coordinator position can help us bridge the gap.

A Day in the Life of a Parent Coordinator...

Gladys Mendez is boosting student achievement—by reaching out to parents.

Communities and families play a critical role in raising student achievement—that's something research shows, but it's not easy, is it?
To get meaningful parent support, try taking a few lessons from Gladys Mendez, the parent coordinator at Thirteenth and Green Elementary School in Reading, Pennsylvania.

1. She started a "Coat" drive so that students would have a warm jacket to where to get to school in the first place.

2. She started a continuous "Food" drive so that students and families have something to eat at home. If a student is hungry, they are not concentrated on any school work. They want to eat!

3. Language Barrier - Mendez reaches out to her Latino and Hispanic population to help the understand what is actually going on with their children and the school.

4. Like back in the day, Mendez does "Home Visits" to see why students may have long absences from school. This shows that there is a least one person at the school that cares about the family and the student on a personal level. That's where we are as a society now. We cannot discount the social part of our lives being integrated into the school part of our lives.

*I tip my hat to you Gladys Mendez!!!!!!!

Checkout her video by clicking on this link Parent Coordinator

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is Technology helping our children be totally out of pocket?

By: B. Brown (BREG)

There was a story that was aired here in Atlanta, GA last week that highlighted some Douglasville, GA middle or high school aged children that went to their Facebook pages and put some very harmful information on there about one of their teachers. They said that he was a pedophile!

In this situation, the teacher was not a pedophile, but look at the tremendous damage that was done to this man.

When the students were interviewed, one young lady said that she did it because she was mad at the teacher. This behavior and action is totally unacceptable!

She and the other students are up for expulsion and I am absolutely for the expulsion.

We as adults must hold our children accountable for their actions at a very young age because they can easily grow up with a flawed sense of reality and actually believe that there are no consequences for their actions. I've met several young people that have no sense of responsibility and it is affecting their lives everyday.

Let's work with our school systems to put back in place Prayer and Discipline. Parents, let's stop letting TV's and Computers raise our children. Discipline starts at home with home training, and if we can get back to these principles, maybe we can help more young people develop into great adults because they come to school to actually learn and become better people!

One Love!

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