Sunday, October 28, 2007

Black Males Endangered Species, Farrakhan says.

By: Ernie Suggs (

In a speech that touched on global warming, environmentalism and Georgia's drought, Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan drew parallels that as the earth withers, so too do black men, who have little to show for 452 years of bondage.

"Politics and the racial environment is threatening the human family," Farrakhan said. "But black males, in particular, are endangered. Our attitudes, our ignorance, our savagery are all lending to a plan - a conspiracy to make the black man not endangered, but extinct."

Marking the 12th Anniversary of the Million Man March, Farrakhan spoke Tuesday at a packed Boisfeuillet-Jones Atlanta Civic Center for the 12th Annual Holy Day of Atonement.

Ishmael Muhammad, the Nation's National Assistant Minister, said, "We accepted 12 years ago, the responsibility to be better men, better fathers and better husbands. It was a day never before experienced in our history."

Farrakhan spoke for more than two hours in a speech that touched on religion, hip-hop, politics and the perception that some successful blacks are being propped up by white people and refusing to reach back and help poor blacks for fear of losing their status.

"If you let the big car, the ranch-style home and the big salary keep you away from a movement and the freedom of your people, the Quran says that those who live easy lives have to be careful, because a life of ease sometimes make you forget struggle," Farrakhan said.

Speaking about rapper T.I., who was arrested in Atlanta and is facing Federal gun charges, Farrakhan said the charges are less about what he is charged with and more about the fact his music is influencing white kids.

He went on to talk about suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. "I know our brother broke the law. God himself is displeased, because he has given us dominion over his creatures and he doesn't want us to abuse them for sport," said Farrakhan, before coming to a near whisper. "But they didn't have to come down on the brother like that. He is young, black and super rich. And all of those white children were wearing his jersey. White people were losing control of their children to black sports and entertainment figures and they can't take it."

Farrakhan, 74, looked robust and healthy, bouncing around the stage like a man half his age. But there are questions about how long he will remain at the helm of the Nation, as he has since 1978. Farrakhan, who has battled prostrate cancer for years, had major surgery this year.

The Rev. Joseph Lowery, 86, who also has battled cancer, called Farrakhan - 12 years his junior - a young man, and reflected how he as a Methodist preacher has Prayed for the recovery of an "Islamic Minister." "I come with a spirit of rejoicing that our brother Louis Farrakhan is with us and God has sent him," Lowery said. "This is a great day for unity. What could come if we ever realized the strength in unity?"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Personal View on Parenting the Hip-Hop Youth!

Hello, my name is B. Brown of Bar-Red Entertainment Group (BREG) and I started this Parenting Information Blog to shine light on this phenomenon called the Hip-Hop Generation. I started as an Artist when I was thirteen (13) years old and continued writing, recording, and performing up through College where I became a College Radio On-Air Personality, and by my Senior Year, I was the Assistant Student Manager (Paid Position) as well. As an Entertainment and Music Business Professional since 1994 and an Educator (Teacher and Presently a Campus Supervisor) since 2001, I have a very unique and insightful perspective on the present youth that some people call Generation X.

I believe in Traditional Old-School Parenting. Why? Because it worked for me and my Brother! It has worked for countless young people in the past, so I do not see why it would not work for this new Hip-Hop Generation that appears to be very confused. Any young person that is twenty-five (25) years old and younger has practically grown up on a heavy dose of Hip-Hop Culture and it has basically shaped their lives. We as Parents and Adults have to do a better job of Parenting! Not only should we relate to our children and youth, there are three (3) things that I believe we should do for our Children and Youth of the Hip-Hop Generation. Those 3 things are LOVE them, TEACH them, and DISCIPLINE them.

LOVE let's our youth feel the affection and embracing attention that they need to grow and develop knowing that someone really cares for them and has their best interest at heart.

TEACHING our youth even when they are in the womb helps them learn how to do things and teaches them lessons. Positive teaching provides knowledge and insight.

DISCIPLINE provides training that helps develop self-control and efficiency. Orderly conduct and understanding a system of rules is very important.

Our children and youth of the Hip-Hop Generation must receive a true, strong combination of Loving, Teaching, and Discipline to learn the value of loving themselves, the importance of education and bettering themselves, and understanding and appreciating self-control and following rules that will help them. All of these things start at HOME. We as parents have to do our jobs and not let our children fall through the cracks of the Capitalistic Society that we live in. Parents, you can do it! I CHALLENGE you and I am here to help you! We cannot continue to allow our children to disrespect us as parents, educators, and as their elders. Public and Private schools are having issues with students that are coming to school for everything else, but to learn. That has to stop now. Parents and Adults, let's do our part in raising our children and youth correctly! If not us, who?

Hip-Hop Youth, Education and Parenting!