Monday, July 14, 2014

THE STUDENT-ATHLETE PLAYBOOK (Success in the Classroom, Sports & Life!)

Written By:  Barry Brown

The Student-Athlete Playbook (Success in the Classroom, Sports & Life!) shares vital information about who is and what is a student-athlete. The book also discusses how to grow and conduct yourself as a student-athlete. 
Parents, student-athletes, teachers, coaches, athletic directors, principals and superintendents will all find value in the inspiration and motivation of this book. 
The Student-Athlete Playbook provides an outline of "life plays" that will absolutely help a student-athlete achieve their goals when they focus and put forth maximum effort to make it happen! 
The Student-Athlete Playbook is a game changer for student-athletes involved in sports across the board, and it encourages them to work towards achieving greatness in the classroom, in their respective sport and in everything that they do in life!

One Love!

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