Monday, March 26, 2012

TRAYVON MARTIN - Racism, Profiling & Hatred strikes again!

Thoughts & Opinion By:  B. Brown - BREG & HUSTLE UNIVERSITY

I write this blog with a lot of thoughts running through my mind. First and foremost, I send my Prayers and Love out to TRAYVON MARTIN'S family and friends.

We have lost another young man to Racism, Profiling and Hatred! You see, this type of behavior has been taking place for a very long time in this country and it is imperative that it stops immediately. It appears that the Sanford, FL police department was tremendously negligent and/or outright racist themselves when they allowed George Zimmerman to go free after fatally shooting Trayvon, claiming self-defense.

Now, I understand that Florida has a "Stand Your Ground" law, but does it actually mean that a person can shoot down another person just because they look suspicious and a confrontation ensues? In this case, Zimmerman actually followed Trayvon after being told by police dispatch (911) not to pursue the suspicious individual. This "Stand Your Ground" law must be re-evaluated because if Zimmerman gets off without any charges being brought against him, a precedent of this nature could open the door for our young black men to be shot down in cold blood at any given time in any given place just because another person says they look suspicious. We all know if a young white male was shot in this same situation, there would be a totally different conversation being held right now. And that's REAL TALK!!!

I would like to thank everyone who has put on a hoodie, signed petitions, written blogs, tweeted, sent out Facebook posts, etc. in support of Trayvon and justice actually taking place!

To the parents of the hip-hop generation, we must continue to educate our youth and equip them with the knowledge to handle themselves properly in as many situations as possible. Our youth must be able to think quickly on their feet and make life & death decisions without feeling like they are being men. They must learn the importance of being able to "fight-another-day."

President Obama has made comments regarding Trayvon, and has initiated a Federal Investigation. Thank you Mr. President! Several high ranking officers in the Sanford, FL Police Department have stepped down already, and I believe that they along with a lot of other people know that the "ish" is about to hit the fan and it is going to spread around to cover a lot of people and things that need to be cleaned up!

Once America truly acknowledges that racism still exists in a major way, then we can start fixing (if possible) the relationships that we have between the many diverse races and cultures that exist in our country, but we must get started now!

Hip-Hop Youth, Education and Parenting!