Monday, December 9, 2013


Thoughts by:  B. Brown

I had to wait a few days before I commented on the passing of one of the world's most endearing political figures --- NELSON MANDELA!!!

I had just arrived back in Atlanta, GA, and as I was walking to baggage claim, I saw on one of the tv monitors that the great South African leader had passed. I immediately said wow, and thought what a loss to the world! Then I felt great about the life he led and the legacy that he has left! I thought about the movie Invictus. My feelings went from sadness to a feeling of happiness for a man that lived to be 95 years old and contributed so much to this world which has helped me live the way that I live now!

To stand up against apartheid and to be imprisoned for 27 years because of racism, and then to be released and become the 1st Black President of South Africa is an amazing journey!!!

I had just told my oldest daughter who Nelson Mandela was during the Soul Train Music Awards as Idris Elba spoke about portraying him in the upcoming film about his life.

He is admired by so many great leaders from around the world, and he set the stage for so many great injustices around the world to be corrected and set right!!!

I would like to impress upon all parents and educators alike to make sure that all our children know who Nelson Mandela is and what he stood for while he lived!!!

As our world and domestic leaders grow older, the torch is being passed down; and we must continue to develop our young people and arm them with the knowledge and support that they need to become the great young men and women that we need them to be in order to move forward spiritually, economically and politically!!!

Thank you Mr. Nelson Mandela for being one of the brightest lights to have illuminated this planet!!!

We love you!!!

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